Recently, Nicki Minaj hosted another Livestream, which triggered her fans to worry about her after she showed off her boobs. Nicki said, “I will be signing boobs again. If you pretty, I sign titties. Will I be able to sign every boob? No. But make sure you do not touch the boob. Once it’s signed, let boob sit for five minutes. Cinco minutos.” She continued, “Once boob sits, then you will be able to decide if you want to take an immediate picture of boob or just examine everything and make sure. Okay, that was a joke but I am signing boobs again.” She added, “No, I’m not signing your penis. Booty cheeks? Why would I sign somebody’s booty cheeks?” Many fans expressed concern for Nicki, with one saying, “Her behavior concerns me.”

Have you ever checked one of your friends for going on a rant on social media? How did he or she react?