50 Cent Called Out By Ed Lover Over Diddy Jokes
  • Recently, Ed Lover revealed his disgust for 50 Cent’s constant taunting of Diddy amid Diddy’s sexual trafficking allegations.
  • Ed Lover said, “[A]s much as I love 50, I think 50 is stepping over the line now. I really do.”
  • He continued, “He’s kicking the s**t out this n**ga while he’s down.”
  • He added, “I believe what I just saw Uncle Luke say earlier today: that this is a machine coming after this dude. I think it’s Diageo. Diageo is f**king powerful.”
  • Ed Lover continued, “They’re the second- or third-largest alcohol distribution company in the world … Puff all of sudden decides to sue them for racial discrimination. All of this shit comes out right after that.”
  • What do you think of Ed Lover’s opinion on Diddy’s legal troubles and 50 Cent’s constant taunting?