50 Cent Co-Signs Gucci Mane’s New Diddy Diss Song ‘Take Dat’: ‘Wop Took Da Hit!’

Gucci Mane released a new song titled “No Diddy,” in which he takes shots at Diddy, referencing various allegations and rumors surrounding the music mogul. The song features lyrics mocking Diddy’s behavior and past controversies, including accusations of sexual assault and partying with underage girls.  Gucci also references Diddy’s alleged actions towards Kid Cudi and Biggie. The accompanying music video recreates a scene from a Notorious B.I.G. video featuring Diddy.  50 Cent has been trolling Diddy over these allegations, including unsubstantiated rumors of an affair with actor Reginald VelJohnson. “Oh sh_t [looking eyes emoji] WOP TOOK DA HIT this [ninja emoji] Diddy POPPED. That’s what you get,” 50 commented on the video.

What do you think of Gucci Mane’s song about Diddy?