Source: YouTube
  • Recently, 50 Cent posted a video of him boxing after Stevie J challenged him to a fight over 50’s comments about Diddy’s allegations.
  • In the video, 50 tells DJ Self, “Come step to me, shorty.”
  • He started to shadow box in the video and added, “N**gas talking about they wanna fight me. My s**t is sharp.”
  • He continued, “Get out of here with that bulls**t! I hope you get past security,” which was an obvious taunt towards Stevie J’s challenge.
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  • J-Fresh & 50 Cent “Final Lap Tour”



  • Recently, there were reports circulating that stated that Ciroc was looking to replace Diddy with 50 Cent as the liquor brand ambassador, which the company disputed.
  • Despite Ciroc and Diddy parting ways, sources close to the company refuted the reports suggesting that the company was replacing Diddy with 50 Cent.
  • People close to 50’s camp state that Curtis is already busy with his own partnerships with Sire Spirits and deny that 50 was in talks with Ciroc.
  • 50 reacted to the news and said, “Good morning, people. Start the day off with positive energy and make what your heart desires happen. QGTM.”
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