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Boyfriend Claims “Carlee” Russell Who Vanished On Side Of Highway Was Kidnapped

  • An Alabama woman’s boyfriend claims she was kidnapped after going missing while helping a child on the highway. She returned two days later.
  • Carlee Russell returned home on foot after a two-day search. She called 911 about a toddler on Interstate 459 in Alabama.
  • Her boyfriend, Thomar Latrell Simmons, claimed on Facebook that his girlfriend was kidnapped and fought for her life for 48 hours after going missing. He said his girlfriend is not currently stable enough to talk about her ordeal or share photos of the alleged kidnapper.
  • Hoover police received a 911 call about a toddler. When they arrived, they found the caller’s vehicle and Russell’s belongings, but not her or the child. Police say she called a family member who lost contact with her while the phone line was still open.
  • A witness saw a gray vehicle and a man near Ms. Russell’s car, according to Hoover police. Russell’s family claims a toddler was used as “bait” to lure and kidnap her.
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Alabama Woman Who Went Missing On Interstate Returns Home

  • An Alabama woman who mysteriously vanished after reporting an unaccompanied toddler on the highway has returned home, police say.
  • Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell, 25, showed up at her home on Saturday night – two days after she disappeared, leaving her car, phone and purse on the side of Interstate 494, police say. There’s no word on what had happened to Russell or where she was during her two-day absence.
  • On Thursday, Russell called 911 to report a boy in a diaper running around on the highway, per the Hoover Police Department. Afterwards, she called a relative – and appeared to disappear in the middle of the conversation. Police never found the boy, nor are they aware of any toddlers who are missing in the area, they say.
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  • As Alabama investigators continue trying to sort out the facts in the case of woman who disappeared for two days, Crime Stoppers of Metro Alabama has announced it won’t refund the $63,378 that residents donated to help find her.
  • The announcement comes more than a week after 25-year-old Carlee Russell showed up at her home – and just hours after Crime Stoppers officials said they’d be returning the donations. ​“This investigation is still ongoing, and accordingly, there is no basis to refund any contributions at this time,” reads a statement released by Crime Stoppers. “Furthermore, the Hoover Police Department has not requested for any donor contributions to be released or refunded.”
  • Russell seemingly disappeared from a Hoover interstate on July 13th after she called 911 to report a toddler on the road. She returned home two days later, sparking speculation that she’d faked the disappearance. However, Russell maintains she was kidnapped and held against her will, police say.
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