B.G. Speaks On Lil Wayne Diss & Says He Spoke W/ Weezy
  • B.G. was featured on Finesse2tymes’ latest track, where he takes shots at Lil Wayne.
  • Now, B.G. is addressing the shots he took at Weezy and claims he has spoken with Wayne since the track was released.
  • He said, “I’ll tell a n***a I love him and call him a b***h all in the same sentence. So, if you ain’t like…you know…this family business. Shout out to my little brother Weezy, too.”
  • He continued, “I talked to my little brother last night. Shout out to shorty. Still my little bro. I love my little bro. S**t be complicated sometimes. But, you know, Gizzle gon’ do what Gizzle does.”
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