Tonight at 8pm the BET Hip Hop Awards airs on BET. I had the chance to hang out on the green carpet before the awards, the footage is attached. After the green carpet experience, we went inside to check out some of the actual awards show. I’m going to list some of my favorite moments from the awards. Watch the awards tonight so we can discuss YOUR favorite moments tomorrow on air!

MY TOP 7 moments of the 2019 BET HIP HOP AWARDS are as follows:

7. YBN Cordae & Anderson Paak’s performance was DOPE!!! They had such a vibe on stage. It was a blend of today’s hip hop and yesterday’s soul. Completely different, unique, and the stage, dancers, choreography, and even costume design all set the mood. UNEXPECTEDLY LIT!

6. Saweetie’s performance brought out some hip hop legends!!! I don’t want to ruin the surprise but when I tell you that thang had me ready to take off my jacket and swing it around while crunkin!!! She did the damn thang and the extra surprise was icing on the crunk cake!

5. Megan Thee Stallion’s performance was everything you’d expect it to be!! She had me ready to drive the boat, build a boat, hell at one point I think I was the boat LOL!! They put a lot of energy into the set and Da Baby popping out to join her just took her performance to the next level!!

4. The $25,000.00 Battle!!! This is the first time I’ve ever seen a LIVE rap Battle on BET Hip Hop Awards and I hope it’s not the last. I always loved the art of battle rap. The bar for bar war that only the savviest lyricists survive. It’s HIP HOP. The rush, the crowd, the energy, it’s truly unmatched.

3. Da Baby, Da Baby, Da Baby!!! He has THREE performances at tonight’s awards and he absolutely kills all three!!! It’s so dope to see how much he’s grown, and all of the success he’s had. Even with all of the fame he’s still humble and down to earth. Da Baby is a star, fa sho!

2. Lil Kim’s performance!!!! When I tell y’all I sang word for word like I was part of the Junior Mafia!!! From the time she came on stage! She took us on a road trip of hit after hit and I almost made my belly button pop out belting out lyrics with minimal breathing in between. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t at a concert!!! Lil Kim was in her element with her daughter in the crowd and she wanted the world to know that she is STILL and always will be the Queen B!

1. #1 is tied but I don’t think it matters much. Lil Duval. Not only was he one of the best hosts but his skits and performances took this years awards to the next level. He was funny, witty, and the skits were icing on the cake. Now, to the performance. Tom G, Kamillion, and Khaotic (among many others) joined Lil Duval on stage to perform City Boy . The P E R F O R M E D!!!! I went from screaming and singing, to laughing so hard my eyelashes lifted (and they were real). Point is they put on one hell of a show and it made me FEEL GOOD to watch it. That’s what music, entertainment, is supposed to do. Make you feel something. I left the BET HIP HOP AWARDS feeling like I just retrieved every bit of my life. Not only was it a good time but it motivated me to keep pushing!!!

Lil Duval talked about always wanting to host the Hip Hop Awards and it being a blessing to be able to do so.

Tom G posted on his IG last year this time, how he would be on the hip hop awards stage this year…and he was.

DNA, well……I’ll let ya’ll watch tonight.

Just know this was the best hip hop awards I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t wait to talk about it WITH you tomorrow.


***honorable mention THE COMEDY CYPHER—–hilarious***


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