Beyoncé Hit With Copyright Lawsuit Over ‘Break My Soul’ Sample

Members of Da Showstoppaz are suing Beyoncé for copyright infringement, alleging that she illegally used their 2002 song “Release a Wiggle” in her hit track “Break My Soul,” which features a Big Freedia sample. The lawsuit claims that Beyoncé sampled Big Freedia’s 2014 track “Explode,” which allegedly used copyrighted lyrics, melody, and musical arrangement from Da Showstoppaz’s song. The group is seeking credit, compensation, and royalties for their contributions to “Break My Soul” and “Explode,” as well as acknowledgment for their influence on the LGBTQ community in New Orleans. Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” was a chart-topping single from her “Renaissance” album and has been a significant part of her tour and documentary.

Should Da Showstoppaz’s be compensated by Beyoncé?