Birdman Believes The South Deserves More Respect
  • Recently, Birdman opened up about his opinion on the South and how it contributed to keeping the genre alive.
  • Birdman said, “Hip Hop 50, right? I still say that they don’t compliment the South enough for me.”
  • He continued, “And I don’t respect that s**t about what they doing in hip-hop, and I never will respect it ’cause the South paved a big wave of keeping hip-hop alive. And I don’t think they compliment us enough.”
  • He added on Uncle Luke, “That man deserves a lot of respect for what he did. Luke was around before we was around. That man was huge! And he played a big part of hip-hop when nothing was popping.”
  • Birdman continued, “The South doesn’t get the respect that we deserve. That’s just my opinion and f**k who don’t like it.”
  • What do you think of Birdman’s opinion?