Cam’ron Reveals He & Ma$e Have An Album Together But They ‘Can’t Put It Out’
  • Cam’ron has revealed that he and Ma$e have recorded an album together but cannot release it.
  • The duo has six to seven songs that Ma$e is holding onto, with Cam’ron expressing frustration at being unable to share the music.
  • Despite Ma$e having a vault of unreleased songs, he has not given permission for them to be played.
  • “I asked him, ‘Could I play them?’ and he said, ‘No.’ Maybe they just for him to enjoy. I hear them too though, I enjoy them. Trust me, if I could play this shit Ma$e plays for me, I would,” Cam’ron told fans on Instagram Live.
  • Why do you think Ma$e is holding on to the music he recorded with Cam’ron?