Remember a year or so ago Lala Anthony had filed for divorce against husband and NBA baller Carmello Anthony? Well, the two have seemed to reconcile since the and things appeared to be going well, until now. This week photos surfaced of Carmello on a yacht sun bathing with an unknown woman. Carmello took to social media to defend himself. He went on to say that the woman in the photo (@sarasmiri according to social media sleuths) was the wife of a business colleague and that he was on the yacht having a business meeting with several married people. Lala fans aren’t going for it, and honestly neither am I. Where are the rest of these “married folk” and who took the picture? Her husband?

I guess I’ve been a little skeptical of Carmello since the news broke of his alleged “love child” with a woman named Mia Angel Burks. According to several gossip sites Carmello has a toddler daughter with her that he doesn’t spend time with. See her and photo below

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