Chrisean Rock Speed Date Descends Into Violence As Contestant Gets Pistol-Whipped

Chrisean Rock’s speed dating experience gets scary as guns are drawn during the episode of the online dating show “20 vs. 1.” In leaked behind-the-scenes footage, two people can be seen fighting on set, with one of the men pulling out a gun. Chrisean, who is never far from controversy, can be seen in the clip yelling at the men from a distance to diffuse the tension. The rapper and reality star later elaborated on the incident on Instagram Live, with her recording showing blood on the set. “This is probably the last time I ever do a ’20 v 20′ [sic]. Motherfu__ers came in here with guns, bro. I ain’t gonna tell who it is ’cause I ain’t no snitch. They just pull up, they said what they said. Bro wasn’t listening.” The Sidemen created the well-known YouTube series “20 vs. 1,” which follows a single celebrity in a speed dating game where they must quickly respond to potential partners with a yes or no. The series has spread to other channels and features various rap stars, including Quavo, Bow Wow, and DaBaby.

What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?