Diddy Blamed For Ruining Hip-Hop By Saigon
  • Recently, Saigon shared his opinion of Diddy and said he believes that Diddy is responsible for ruining the genre.
  • Saigon said, “This negro Puffy flipped Hip-Hop culture into all about worshipping nothing but $$$… Thats why Im kinda glad they got his ass up outta here.”
  • He continued, “Go look at the content in Hip-Hop music before that ‘All About The Benjamins’ song… Creativity mattered.”
  • Last year, Saigon shared his reaction to Cassie’s lawsuit and added, “Daaamn…. Who thinks Diddy Did It ???? I told myself years ago if fame and money comes with all this type of ish, they can KEEP it.”
  • He continued at the time, “I stepped away from all this s**t to raise my babies and I dont regret ONE second of it.”
  • Why do you agree with Saigon’s sentiment about Diddy?