Diddy Writes Love Letter to Kim Porter

Diddy Writes Love Letter to Kim Porter

Diddy is still mourning the death of his former girlfriend and the mother of three of his children Kim Porter.

The post came shortly after Al B Sure, the father of her son Quincy posted a video saying that he doesn’t believe she passed away suddenly from pneumonia.

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#AlBeez 🐝 around the globe 🌎 I trust all is well with you and family. I seem to forget that it’s me when I decide to express my thoughts or make a statement via social media knowing the internet directs the narrative and always wins. I wanted to post this very special moment because if you weren’t there then you just wouldn’t understand. I don’t traditionally explain myself to anyone as an OG but let’s get a few facts straight from the OG’s mouth. 1) the reason the post was removed from my social media was because my son @Quincy reached out and what he expressed in our private exchange, I felt it reissued they pain for the loss of his mom and that wasn’t my intention but his spiritual needs come first 2) in the post I expressed that we had such an amazing last gathering with everyone celebrating Q’s @Netflix Christmas feature #HolidayCalendar and everyone was jovial, happy and proud of his accomplishment and hard work. 3) I will stick by the notion that from my extensive casual and happy conversation with #Kimberlina at the reception all seemed to be fantastic and uplifting. Later we all viewed the feature film in the viewing room and it was a phenomenal film. 4) So weeks later pulling up to the @Palms hotel in Las @Vegas to film the intro packages for the @SoulTrainAwards on @BET and receiving a call out of the blue that @LadyKP had suddenly passed just didn’t make any sense and it still doesn’t. I’ve given no implications of any suspects related to her passing, but i stand firm in saying that it just doesn’t make any sense that she was here, laughing energetic lighting up the room and then gone. Now if there were some medical issues or ailments that I’m completely unaware of then there you have it. 5) *Lastly the emotional tears post came after i was initially filming myself rehearsing on the way to the shoot in the car and due to the magnitude of the moment decided to continue taping. Period, nothing more nothing less. Blogs took it where they wanted to and created their own narrative for traffic. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Have a blessed day and thank you for keepin’ it Grown and NewJackSexy.com • #MtVernon4Life • @Diddy • @Quincy • #AlBSure

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Diddy and Kim were in a relationship for 13 years and broke up in 2007.

Have you ever lost someone that you were romantically involved with?

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