Diddy’s Former Backup Dancer Says She Avoided Him
  • Recently, Tanika Ray, who was Diddy’s former backup dancer, shared how she felt while she was working with him.
  • Ray said, “Oh yeah women hold a lot in order to function everyday in a man’s world. Unfortch we can compartmentalization out pain and carry on. We utilize the experience as a lesson and move differently. If I told my story in 1996 then What?? I just knew to avoid him at all costs. Yes I danced for him and kept my space. I was on the Vote or die airplane and kept my space. I interviewed him for his projects and kept my space.”
  • She continued, “Nothing that is happening is surprising. Ladies keep space to heal and move on is key. Gathering to incriminate is goals. But in this wild world with a broke azz system… our healing is priority. Shame on all those men that let this continue. Shame on me maybe for prioritizing my mental health some would say. But after working in a place that snatches souls… mine is in tact and of the light. I saved myself. Now if someone needs me to pile on my story, give me a call. But I think Cassie got it!!”
  • She added, “We all have stories. Mine is horrific. I will probably never tell it. Maybe I’ll write a book one day. It’s just so traumatizing that women just want to live every day and feel safe.”
  • Can you heal through exposing someone who has done you wrong? Why or why not?