DJ Akademiks Claims Meek Mill Called Police To Ak’s House In Livestream Video

During a recent livestream from DJ Akademiks, he accused Meek Mill of calling the police to his house during the stream. Ak said, “I think this b***h-a*s n***a Meek Mill done sent the cops to my house. I don’t know if you hear my dogs, the police is outside my house now. You see, that’s what I’m telling you about a n***a like Meek, bruh. If he was really ’bout to do nothing, he would have never tweeted it, bruh. He got the police outside my f**king house.” He continued, “This n***a is just a h*e. This n***a got police at my house now.  You over here tweeting you want my address, of course police is coming to my house. What the f**k is you doing?” He added video from his Ring camera and said, “If Meek Mill didn’t snitch on me, I swear I’m done with rap. All that gangsta s**t n***as is talking, sent police to my crib.”

Which streamer and rapper feud do you think is the lamest? Ak versus Meek Mill? Or Ak versus Freddie Gibbs? Why?