Elliott Wilson Says Drake Sent Him a Rat Emoji, Suspected Him of Siding With Kendrick Lamar During Beef

During a recent appearance on the Joe Budden Podcast, Elliott Wilson revealed that Drake sent him a rat emoji during his beef with Kendrick Lamar, suspecting Wilson of siding with the Compton rapper. Wilson explained that Drake believed he was leaking information to Kendrick, leading to the rat emoji message. Wilson shrugged off the notion that he was working with Kendrick and clarified the situation. “I think he started to think like Kendrick’s in Venice; you’re in Venice; he started to view it like I’m just really against him,” he explained. “So when he dropped “Family Matters,” it was just like I was like, ‘yo you dropping this tonight?’ He hit me back like ‘yeah, yeah, whatever LOL,’ and then he sent me a rat emoji.” Wilson replied to a tweet about his meeting with Budden on Saturday (June 8), seemingly dismissing the idea that he had disclosed Drake’s information to Kendrick. Wilson captioned his image with a cap emoji followed by “a tat tat.”

Do you think Elliott Wilson fed Kendrick Lamar information on Drake? Do you think Drake’s image and career have been tarnished due to the beef?