‘Empire’ Star Sued by Landlord

“Empire”star Bryshere Gray is being sued by a landlord claiming that Gray’s dog caused $26,000 in damages to his apartment.

According to the landlords, Bryshere left his dog alone in the Chigaco condo for long periods of time resulting in the pooch pooping and peeing all over the complex.

Even worse, the landlords claim Bryshere jumps in and out of windows, smoked weed, and clogged toilets by flushing condoms down the toilet. Pictures showing the alleged damage are also part of the lawsuit.

The landlords have put Gray in the dog house for an estimated $26,120. Gray’s team says there is money in the security deposit that should cover any damages and they’re baffled as to why it was handled this way.

Has a landlord ever had to keep your security deposit?