Erica Mena Reacts After Safaree Says His Breakup With Nicki Minaj Is ‘Biggest Struggle’

Recently, Safaree shared comments about Nicki Minaj and how difficult it was for him after their split, which triggered a reaction from Erica Mena. Safaree said, “I’m not even gonna sugarcoat sh*t. I was with Nicki, we broke up. Her fans and certain people they just wanted it to be like, ‘OK they not together no more. F**k him, let it be nothing.” He continued, “Let him disintegrate, let him disappear, whatever. But nine, 10 years later—10, 15 TV shows later. Lot of music out later. Doors up later—I’m still here. Some people don’t like that. They’re like, ‘Damn, why are ni**as still paying attention to this ni**a?” Erica reacted to the clip, adding, “I will FOREVER be embarrassed. I gave sis these incredible beautiful babies. He don’t even talk or care about his seeds this much online or [in] real life.”

What do you think of Erica Mena’s reaction to Safaree?