Evolving: Joe Budden Responds To Getting Dissed By Eminem In Leaked “Bang” Verse

Joe Budden has responded to the dissed he received on the recently leaked “Bang” by Eminem, but it wasn’t the response you think you would get from Budden.

“Listen, I was 100 percent prepared to come on here and scream on [Eminem’s manager] Paul [Rosenberg] cause I thought Paul leaked this…Now’s not the time for all of that. But this is an old verse. Mal is right, you don’t get offended by old verses. And two, I don’t think anybody’s on that right now. I don’t think Em is on that, I don’t think my Slaughterhouse brothers [are] on that,” said Budden on his Joe Budden podcast.

Budden continued saying there were “more important things going on” and because he isn’t rapping anymore “nothing about it is fun.” Instead, Budden decided to have a grown-up approach to the situation calling for unity and saying that Em had a great verse.

“We had our exchange and it’s over. In 2020, I can’t harbor negativity toward not only one of the best rappers but somebody who I’m not angry at,” Budden said. “That’s what we gotta stop doing.”

Do you applaud Joe for being the bigger person about the diss? Do you think Eminem should stop dissing people in his songs or is dissing just a part of what makes his songs good?

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