Epic RecordsFuture is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming album, The WIZRD, due to arrive next week. But ahead of the much-anticipated project’s debut, the rapper has gifted fans with a personal documentary that shares the LP’s name. 

Under the direction of Marcus A. Clarke, The WIZRD documentary analyzes the different facets of the Atlanta phenom via performance clips, celebrity interviews and rare footage of Future enjoying downtime with his family, friends and rap contemporaries. 

Future also speaks candidly about his humble rise to stardom, which saw him going from a life of crime to being one of the biggest acts in hip-hop. “It damn near brings tears to my eyes, knowing the work that I’ve put in,” he says at one point during the documentary.

During a screening of the film in New York City on Thursday, the lyricist also shared a bit of insight on how he’s managed to balance his public persona and private life.

“I’m still living the same lifestyle. When I made it out of Kirkwood, I was the only one that made it,” Future said, answering ABC Radio’s question on the topic.

“So, at the end of the day, I get [those] raw talks with [my close friends]. And, I get a chance to live out their life and live out my life again and again just by having them around me all the time.”

Elsewhere in the doc, Future shares a few tender moments with his children, whether it’s on the basketball court or backstage at a concert, where Future Jr. adorably pretends to be a musician like his father. 

The doc also features cameos by Drake and  André 3000, the latter of whom praises Future for his elevation of Southern rap.

The WIZRD is available exclusively on Apple Music.

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