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HAPPY VETERANS DAY *free meals inside*

Salute to all the veterans. We may not say it every day but your service does not go unnoticed. Your sacrifice, your selfless acts, your courage, and willingness to do what only a fraction of us are capable of. When your country needs you, you stand! To risk your life, sacrifice time with family, and dedicate yourself to protecting the lives of people you don’t even know is more than commendable. Every good soldier is an angel in his/her own right. I try to thank every soldier I see in uniform, on or off of veterans day. However, I’m glad to see the thanks in form of tangible objects and service as well. Your service is not just physical, but mental–emotional–spiritual. You suffer tremendously for the greater good of our country and no payment or thanks could ever be enough. I pray, today, you FEEL the love. Click the link for info on where to get your freebies today– BeasyBaybie


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