Ice Cube Says His Diss Track Is The Best Diss Song Of All Time
  • The best diss song ever written, according to Ice Cube, is his.
  • The West Coast rap legend was asked to list his top five diss tracks during an appearance on the Earn Your Leisure podcast. He opened by claiming that “No Vaseline” is “the top battle song ever” and that “it’s not even close.”
  • He said after crowning himself as having the best diss track of all time, “I mean, I would go with, you know, ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ is a good one. ‘Ether’ is dope. I would go with ‘The Bridge Is Over,’ and I don’t know, I think I gotta go with ‘Let’s Go.'”
  • Which diss track do you think is better than ‘No Vaseline?’