Ice Spice Clears Up RIOTUSA’s Sexuality After ‘Island Boy’ Slides Into His DMs

After a male fan asked about her in-house producer RIOTUSA’s sexuality, Ice Spice clarified. “Island Boy,” a Twitter/X user, posted a screenshot of an unanswered DM he sent to RIOT with Ice on Tuesday (February 13).  “PMO” [pissing me off],” he wrote, evidently whining to the “Munch” rapper over being ignored. “He don’t like boys,” she replied, to which ‘Island Boy’ jokingly answered, “I was hacked,” with the Marge Simpson hiding meme. RIOTUSA, whose father is DJ Enuff, met Ice Spice at SUNY and produced her breakout single “Munch,” among others. Have you ever shot your shot with a person via DM, only to be ignored? Share your story. Should you reply even if you’re not interested in a person?