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DJ Prince Ice

NAME: DJ Prince Ice
HOMETOWN: Paterson, NJ & Columbia, SC
MARITAL STATUS: Happily Married (to my best friend, my wifey!)
PETS: none
HOBBIES/INTEREST: producing, songwriting, traveling
CAUSE YOU MOST BELIEVE IN: Educating the youth and promoting positivity in entertainment
MOST INTERESTING PERSON YOU'VE MET: Lauryn Hill- extremely kind & sweet!
FAVORITE CD: My Life-Mary J. Blige
FAVORITE MOVIE: Breaking I & II, All Matrix movies, 8 Mile, Purple Rain
FAVORITE ACTORS: Halle Berry, Meg Ryan, and Denzel Washington
FAVORITE FOODS: Fish and Shrimp
I'D GIVE ANYTHING TO MEET: Busta Rhymes, Prince, Michael & Janet Jackson
INTERESTING FACT ABOUT MYSELF: I'm just plain silly! Laughter, I need it everyday!
WORDS TO LIVE BY: Love endures all things...Love never fails.                                                                                                                                                CONTACT ME: On Twitter @djprinceice or Instagram at djprinceice

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