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Beasy Baybie

NAME:Beasy Baybie






 HOMETOWN: Reading, Pennsylvania


PETS:2 lizards (store bought) 3 frogs (kidnapped and held in captivity)


HOBBIES/INTEREST:writing, reading, my family, history, basketball (The HEAT/LeBron James), social media  àààààFOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE @BEASYBAYBIE


CAUSE YOU MOST BELIEVE IN: saving our youth, rebuilding our families, and uplifting our communities… I’m an urban girl— I campaign for the underdog


 MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE I'VE MET: Minister Farrakhan, Janelle Monae, Dennis Kimbro


 FAVORITE CD'S: Jay Z –“Reasonable Doubt” ”In My Lifetime” ”Hard Knock Life” ”The Black Album      Beanie Sigel—“The Reason”    Nas—“It Was Written”  Joe Budden “All Love Lost” 


FAVORITE MOVIES:The Usual Suspect, Casino, A Bronx Tale, A Beautiful Mind, Little Shop of Horrors, Rain Man, All About the Benjamins, Jackass


 FAVORITE BOOKS: The Secret, The Art of War, The Art of Understanding Yourself, Think and Grow Rich, The BIBLE, anything written by James Patterson


 FAVORITE FOODS:I HATE PORK. MY baked macaroni and cheese, Grandma’s potato salad, Chick-Fil-A chocolate shake-no whip cream-2cherries, Soul food and Jamaican food <3


I'D GIVE ANYTHING TO MEET:MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Oprah, Job-David-Abraham-the psalms 31 woman (from the bible)


 INTERESTING FACT ABOUT MYSELF:I was a ward of the state, homeless, and a teenage mother all by the age of 17—I truly believe NOTHING is impossible, I have a certificate in Auto Technology, I don’t like chocolate unless it’s a milkshake, I buy heels because they’re pretty but I have a love affair with sneakers.



Your past has set you up for your future, never forget it, but don’t let it control you!

When you’re worried, think of what worried you this time last year; exactly, this too shall pass.

GOD created us all for a reason; life becomes easier when you’re living on PURPOSE.

There is NO testimony without the test!

”Caint” nobody do it like you, if no one believes in you—YOU have to believe in you!

No one remembers all the times you’ve failed once you’ve made it, keep going!

Don't let someone else's inadequacies distract you from your goal!



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