Jason Derulo Says Diddy Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty Amid Federal Drama
  • Jason Derulo has come to Diddy’s defense, stating that the public should not persecute him until all the facts are known.
  • Derulo, who was helped by Diddy early in his career, believes in innocence until proven guilty. Despite being the subject of a federal investigation, Diddy has not been arrested or charged with a crime.
  • Derulo’s support for Diddy is notable, as many in Hollywood have remained silent on the matter. Diddy has called the investigation a “witch hunt” and is currently laying low in Miami.
  • Also, Derulo has a pending lawsuit filed by Emaza Gibson, who claimed the singer pressured her to have sex with him after signing her to his record label — and later dropped her after she repeatedly refused.
  • Are you supporting Diddy until the federal investigation is concluded? Has the damage to Diddy’s public image already done enough to cancel him?