Joyner Lucas Rejects Trying To Start Fake Beef With DaBaby

Recently, DaBaby claimed that someone reached out to him to start a fake beef, which many fans assumed to be Joyner Lucas. Now, Joyner Lucas is refuting those allegations and clearing up the confusion online. DaBaby said in a recent interview, “Two days after the situation took place, I got a call — I won’t say from who. I got a call from a certain rapper. It’s like a lyricist, I’m sure y’all know him if I said his name. 1000 percent y’all know him.” He continued, “He said, ‘All the back-and-forth between J. Cole and Kendrick got me fired up! Bruh, I feel like we should diss each other. We cool behind closed doors [but] we should diss each other. I feel like it would just go crazy.'” He added, “I know for a fact what that would do. But at the same time, it’s a little more personal with me. I’m not about to say certain things about you if I don’t really feel a certain way about you.” Joyner Lucas reacted to the people making assumptions that he was the one to reach out to DaBay and added, “Man why tf everyone in comments saying it’s me? Lol smh Jesus Christ.”

Why do you believe that DaBaby is lying about this story?