Last night I went to Sandhills and watched Jesus Is King, the new movie Kanye produced. I won’t lie, at first I was little taken back. I didn’t get it, and it wasn’t what I expected. Here’s what I thought: I thought we’d get a glimpse into Kanye’s come to Jesus moment or maybe a view of the Sunday Service tour,  I got neither. I guess some other Kanye fans were disappointed as well.

Here’s what The New York Times wrote

Kanye West has bamboozled the bejesus out of us — yet again.

But this latest disappointment may have been the last straw for even his most loyal fans.

First, his “Jesus Is King” film — which had screenings at select IMAX theaters Thursday night before its official opening Friday — turned out to be a 30-minute WTF to those who bothered to shell out the feature-length movie ticket price.


After leaving the theater it hit me we got EXACTLY what we were supposed to get – JESUS! There was singing, there was praising, there was crying, and there was a weird cut on the camera angle that made us center our focus!! There was JESUS. The film wasn’t about Kanye, it was about Jesus! Kanye is using his platform to bring God glory and to spread the gospel. So people that came to the theater to see what we would expect from Kanye, were greatly disappointed. However, I believe his goal was met. Not one person walked out of the theater last night. The brief, 30 minute, film was just long enough to keep our attention and expose people to Christ. People that may not hear gospel music, or see people praise God, or attend church. His followers, becoming followers of Christ.


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