Kanye West Addresses Shaq & Fires Back At Swifties

In true Kanye West fashion, Kanye went on another tirade refuting the allegations that Taylor Swift had him removed from the Super Bowl and addressed Shaq’s comment. Kanye said, “When I said that I’m the new Jesus b***h I wasn’t even thinking about Taylor Swift. That was a whole line before but I appreciate the free promo. Lil Wayne actually mentions Travis Kelsey on Vultures 2. This album is actually super positive and fun it’s all about triumphant. Last year was incredibly challenging for me, my wife, my children, my friends and family. I’ve been banned from hotels, kicked out of companies and even not allowed to eat in some restaurants.” He continued, “My wife had never been to a Super Bowl so I wanted to talk around and have a nice time. We had such a fun day. Oh and to Shaq I grew up looking up to you I would love to hang with you and Jamie sometime Jamie Salter is like a father figure to me. The media may control the narrative but the people have spoken.”

How would you compare Kanye’s latest joint album with Ty Dolla $ign against his other albums?