Kanye West Demands Kim Kardashian Withdraw Kids from ‘Fake’ Sierra Canyon School
  • Kanye West has publicly demanded that his ex-wife Kim Kardashian remove their children from Sierra Canyon, labeling the school a “fake school for celebrities.” 
  • West expressed his belief that the school is part of a system that manipulates athletes and separates fathers from their children. He has also criticized Kardashian for not having a say in where their children go to school and expressed his desire for them to attend his Donda Academy.
  • Kanye captioned the post directed at Kim, “At this point, everybody knows what ‘the system’ is code word for [eyes emoji]. I was removed from my dad by the system, and the system removed me from my children.”
  • Ye continued, “When the system drafts athletes, they avoid working with those who have their father in their life because they are harder to manipulate. My two oldest know they [sic] daddy.”
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