Kanye West Directs Paparazzi How to Photograph Him and Bianca Censori

TMZ obtained a video of Kanye West yelling at multiple paps, telling them the proper angles— in his mind, at least— to use while photographing the couple leaving a Melrose Place tanning salon. Kanye West is getting hands-on with the paparazzi and joking about how to shoot him and his wife, Bianca Censori, strolling through a parking lot. Attempting to transform the back alley parking lot into his photo shoot set, you can hear Kanye telling photographers where to stand. The lesson here is never to shoot Ye at a 45-degree angle! The hilarious exchange between Kanye and the paparazzi coincided with a homeless man who began yelling at Ye and Bianca in an odd outburst.

Do you have a good side when being photographed?