Kanye West Takes Aim At Drake, Adidas & Others After Scoring ‘No. 1 Song In The World’
  • Kanye West achieved his fifth number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 with his song “Carnival” and used the milestone to lash out at various perceived enemies, including Drake, Adidas, and others.
  • He criticized Adidas for allegedly stealing his ideas and terminating their partnership, while also taking shots at Drake for recruiting Lil Durk for his tour.
  • Kanye’s controversial statements on social media and in a video reflect his ongoing issues with both Drake and Adidas, stemming from past conflicts and personal grievances.
  • Ye issued several “F You’s” on Instagram, including anyone who works or has worked with Adidas (Beyoncé?) He mentioned Hailey Bieber and The Daily Mail in his online rant.
  • What do you think will become of Kanye in the next ten years?