LeBron, Davis Won’t Wear Message On Uniform

LeBron, Davis Won’t Wear Message On Uniform

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have chosen not to wear a social justice message on their jerseys when the NBA season resumes later this month.

The NBA gave players the option to wear one of 30 pre-approved messages – such as “Black Lives Matter”, “Speak Up”, or “Vote” – on the back of their jersey in place of their name.

But LeBron is opting out, saying the messages “didn’t really seriously resonate with my mission”.

Davis, meanwhile, said his last name is “very important to me” and “something that I try to represent every time I try to step on the floor”.

How will LeBron’s decision go over with other NBA players?
As the NBA’s biggest star, does LeBron hold an extra responsibility to stand up for social justice?

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