Melyssa Ford Says She Doesn’t Consider Karrine Steffans As A Video Vixen

Recently, Melyssa Ford shared her opinion of Karrine Steffans on an episode of The Joe Budden Podcast and claimed she isn’t a ‘video vixen.’ Ford said, “Name a music video that you know of her in. She wasn’t me; she wasn’t Buffy; she wasn’t Esther; she wasn’t Rosa.” Many fans were upset with Ford’s hate, with one person saying, “Melissa sounds like a hater ngl. Imagine trying to discredit someone’s claim to fame to feel more important about your legacy as a ‘vixen.’ This the IG models 15 years from now.” Another added, “Mel is a hater. And if she’s not the center of attention, she steps on it or hates; She’s always acting like she for ‘women empowerment’ but every chance she get she is shading another woman or model on the show.”

What do you think of what Melyssa Ford said about Karrine Steffans?