Earlier this week there was a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. That shooting left 22 people dead and dozens injured. Well, prisoners near El Paso are doing what they can to help the victims. They’re  holding a bake sale. Inmates of The Otero County Prison Facility will sell baked potatoes to prison staff.

These potatoes will cost $6 a potato and they’ll be charging more to load the potatoes up with add ons.

Nissi Jimenez, an Otero County Prison official, says the facility wanted to help their neighbors in any way possible … figuring it would be a great way to help the grieving community with an in-house effort. All proceeds will be given to the El Paso Community Foundation, which is facilitating donations for the victims and their families.

The prison and prisoners have found a few other ways to contribute as well; here is more on how they plan to do that.

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