‘Of All the People In The World, Future?’: Tems Reveals She Received ‘Death Threats’ After Rumors Spread She Was Pregnant with Future’s Ninth Child

Reportedly pregnant with Future’s child, Nigerian singer and composer Tems got death threats. After a video of Tems during the Burberry Summer 2024 fashion show in London went viral last September, rumors spread that she was pregnant with Future’s child. Tems, who said she’s never met Future, told The Beat 99.9 FM’s “Drive Time Show” in Lagos on December 13 that she got death threats after the bogus pregnancy allegations. “When I heard I was pregnant, I didn’t actually think anybody believed it. Like, I didn’t know it was serious. I didn’t know it was serious until I started getting messages, like death threats,” she said in the interview. “Like, ‘How dare you? Of all the people in the world, Future? Really? Really, of all the people?’ And I’ve never even — I’ve never met him in my life. So, it’s crazy.”

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