Prior to music career, Sir the Baptist got a “Lyft” from corporate America

Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Sir the Baptist has worked with the likes of Brandy, her brother Ray JMichelle Williams and a host of other heavy hitters for his debut album, Saint or Sinner.  

But his path to musical success was paved with some some unlikely jobs…like being a Lyft driver, and working 9 to 5 for an advertising company in his hometown of Chicago.   

He tells ABC Radio, “I got a chance to be a Director of Digital Marketing, but I was also doing music. I was doing campaigns for McDonald’s and I just decided at some point I should probably stop giving this billion-dollar company my ideas and try to use them to better the world.” 

Sir adds, “I took some time off and then decided not to go back. Drove Lyft until I could make enough money to chase around people that I knew would be able to place my purpose on broader platforms. After that, [I] signed to Atlantic Records and, and things [haven’t] been the same since.”

And they certainly haven’t for the rising star, who is may or may not be dating with Brandy. Brandy recently thanked Sir — with a heartfelt Instagram message — for escorting her around New York City.  

Saint or Sinner is available to purchase now. 

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