Rick Ross’ Ex Offers Intimate Details To Drake Amid Rap Beef: ‘Call Me, Boo’
  • After their disagreement, Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp, has something to tell Drake that could be disastrous. Kemp, who has a son with Ross, asked for his attention on Instagram Live.
  • “Drake! Call me, boo. I got something to tell you,” she said.
  • https://youtu.be/o8iS05aT0tQ?si=tMLcDt1sGHVKUhsX
  • Kemp went on to joke that although Drake had called for Ross to “drop and give me fifty” in his recent diss track, “He can’t. He probably could give him four.”
  • Kemp also stated that Rick Ross, who at last count owns over 30 Wingstop stores, is much less invested in the fast food franchise. “He sold all except “one or two” Wingstop restaurants,” she said.
  • Do you think Tia Kemp really has damaging information on Ross to give to Drake?


  • Recently, Rick Ross continued his verbal taunts against Drake and released his diss track on the streaming platforms.
  • Rick Ross sent Drake some DMs and posted them on his Instagram and said, “I wrote it Whiteboy [nose emoji].”
  • He added a Michael Jackson meme that said, “Rick Ross accusing Drake of getting a nose job.”
  • Are you a fan of social media taunts? Why or why not?