Source: YouTube
  • Rick Ross had a party trick go wrong this week.
  • The mogul did not have the support of his knees when attempting to jump off a diving board at his pool party. After bouncing one time on the board at his Georgia home, Rozay’s legs said “nah” and he took a tumble into the pool.
  • Following the event, Ross hit Instagram with a public statement. “I’m getting all the DMs this morning, ‘Rozay I saw you do the dive, are you okay?’” Rozay said.
  • “Well, I’ma be honest, am I okay? Of course not, I blew my tire. I blew my tire. I got on the stage, I was feeling the energy, all the support from all the baddies. The biggest pool in the country. I gave everybody my word I would do the double-decker slapper.”
  • What is the most embarrassing thing that you’ve tried, and failed, to do?