Saweetie Responds To Fans After Being Blamed For Minor Stampede At Festival

Recently, Saweetie reacted to the many people blaming her for the stampede that occurred during her performance in Chicago. A video emerged showing Ice Spice saying, “I know y’all ain’t doing what I think y’all are doing. Is everybody safe?” as a fight broke out, which led to people running for their lives. She added online, “[I] hope everyone got home safe tonight. That crowd looked crazy.” In response to being blamed for the incident, she continued, “The crowd did look crazy, which is why I hope everyone got home safe. Also, I could’ve [gone] home after the fight broke out, but I stayed [and] waited after 2 [Chainz] performed. I went back on stage to finish my set [because] I care… [You] clearly don’t like me, so why [did] you stay for the rest of my set when the festival was clearly over?”

Do you think it is the artists’ fault when the crowd gets too rowdy? Why or why not?