Shelved “Black-ish” Episode Now Available On Hulu

One Black-ish episode that never saw the light of day is now available on Hulu.

The episode was titled Please, Baby, Please. It was shot in November 2017 and was scheduled to air in 2018. The plot featured Dre (Anthony Anderson) reading his baby son a bedtime story and reflecting on the child’s first year. 2017 featured the first months of the Trump presidency, the Charlottesville attacks, and the NFL kneeling protests.

Back then, the content was too hot for ABC to handle. The episode was pulled. That caused show creator Kenya Barris to leave the network for Netflix.

New executives have cleared the episode to air on Hulu. Today’s climate makes it a less controversial decision. Barris tweeted the news and thanked ABC Entertainment for letting the story be seen.

Have you watched it yet? What was the most meaningful Black-ish episode to you?

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