In just two days, Ariana Grande’s latest video “7 Rings” has already accumulated over 41 million views. However, Princess Nokia adds her two cents, accusing the pop star of ripping off her song “Mine.”

In a since-been-deleted post to her 671K followers on Instagram, Nokia reveals to her fans the similarities between the two records.

While playing the two records, she states, “Does that sound familiar to you? ‘Cause that sound really familiar to me. Oh my God!”

The lyrics in “7 Rings” goes: “My wrist, stop watchin’, my neck is flossin’ / Make big deposits, my gloss is poppin’ / You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it / I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (Yeah).”

Nokia’s proves her lyrics came first: “Rock my many styles then go natural for the summer / Hair blowing in the hummer / Flip the weave, I am a stunner / It’s mine, I bought it / It’s mine, I bought it.”

Atlanta rap star Soulja Boy also called out Ariana Grande for stealing one of his songs.

A clip that has gone viral showcases the similarities between Ariana’s new song and Soulja Boy’s 2010 hit “Pretty Boy Swag” off his album The DeAndre Way.

Others have pointed out the similarities to 2 Chainz‘ song “Spend It.”

Ariana has yet to respond.