SiR Apologizes For Misogynistic Kai Cenat Post

After Kai Cenat had an online dating session during his livestream, SiR issued an apology for his misogynistic response to the stream. SiR posted, “@KaiCenat a real one. Got a n**ga a whole new B**ch on Twitch [crying face emoji].” Some people were upset over SiR’s comment with one person saying, “He is 37 talking like this @inglewoodSiR. 37.” Another continued, “Damn n**ga you forgot your target audience AND the fact you independent w an album otw.” SiR reacted to all the comments and added, “Let me start by saying I hear everyone, and I am sincerely sorry. Women deserve respect and I see using ‘b**ch’ doesn’t do that.” He continued, “Please accept my apology and allowing me this teaching moment. With nothing but love, SiR.”

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