Snoop Dogg Credits Martha Stewart & Master P For Ice Cream Brand
  • J-Fresh Snoop Cereal


  • If You follow me on IG @jfreshp you will see that at the BET awards Master P gifted me and other Radio Personalities with Snoop Dogg’s New Cereal’s, now Snoop Dogg launched his new ice cream brand with help from Martha Stewart and Master P.
  • Dr. Bombay is a spin-off from his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT avatar. He was created by a West Coast rapper who was hungry and tired of mixing ice cream brands, so he decided to make his own.
  • “Master P showed me the business, taught me how to brand, market, and do all the things that I’m doing right now. But Martha Stewart showed me how to take it to another level,” said Snoop.
  • “Master P put me through college, but I believe that Martha gave me that hands-on experience to be able to do things with her that were considered too big for a rapper. But once we got together, you seen that people love people, and that’s one thing about me and Martha’s relationship that I love is that it unites people of all walks of life.”
  • What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?