Social Media Reacts to 2020 Body Cam Footage Showing Lil Baby Being Pulled Over for Tinted Windows

Footage of Lil Baby’s traffic stop in Atlanta in 2020 has surfaced online. The footage shows the rapper calmly handling the situation. The officer pulled him over for dark-tinted windows, to which Lil Baby responded by asking for a quick ticket so he could continue on his way. Despite the initial tension, the interaction was brief and smooth, with Lil Baby explaining the need for tinted windows in Atlanta. “This was a great encounter from both sides. lil baby was chill and complied, and the cop put him on a lil game and let him go. need more of this on the feed,” said a fan in the comments. Another wrote, “He kept it a buck, and I respect it lol He said the cost is the cost, but those tints aren’t going anywhere lol.”

Have you ever gotten a ticket for dark tint? Share your story.