Soulja Boy Apologizes To Metro Boomin But Not Meek Mill & 21 Savage

Recently, Soulja Boy apologized to Metro Boomin for the disrespectful comments he made about Metro’s mother, but he is doubling down on what he said about Meek Mill and 21 Savage. Soulja Boy said, “I apologize to @MetroBoomin for over reacting over an old tweet. Condolences to his mom. I’m going to seek therapy and anger management. I’m done responding to hate, new or old.” He continued, “21, where you at n**ga? I’m hanging out the window, n**ga. P**sy ass n**ga, you still a b**ch, n**ga. I ain’t apologize for you, n**ga. I apologize for myself, n**ga. I ain’t like what I said about the n**ga momma. 21, you still a b**ch.” He added, “Meek Mill, n**gas still playing in your b**ty h**e. F**k y’all n**gas, suck my d**k. Stop letting n**gas f**k you in the b**ty, n**ga. Put a condom on next time, n**ga. 21 Savage, you a b**ch, slapping a knife off your forehead. Don’t think it’s all the way sweet.”

What do you think motivated Soulja Boy to apologize to Metro Boomin?