ABC/Rick RowellSoulja Boy, or rather Soulja Man, has a bone to pick with hip-hop fans. 

Thursday night, the “Crank That” rapper took to Instagram to unload a lengthy tirade in which he claims that he was the artist who had the biggest comeback of 2018 — and manages to skewer Tyga in the process. 

“N***** up in here talking about Tyga. Tyga? Tyga?! Huh?” a vexed Soulja said after fans claimed the “Taste” rapper had the most memorable comeback last year. “Tyga had the biggest..? Man, get the f*** out of here!”  

He then continued his scathing rant by spewing hate at the current landscape of hip-hop. “You n***** is trash, bruh, making this trash a** f****** music, saturating the f****** game.” 

“I sat back 2018, I sat back 2017 and watched you lame a** rappers f*** the rap game up. I been in this s*** 10 years. I started rapping when I was 17,” he said. 

Late last year, Soulja boasted about his accomplishments on Twitter. 

“I had the biggest come back of 2018 big facts,” Soulja wrote.

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