ABC/Rick RowellSoulja Boy isn’t holding back, especially when it comes to his disapproval of Kanye West.

During a candid interview with ABC Radio on Tuesday, the “Crank That” rapper expounded on his newfound gripe with Ye. According to Soulja, it has everything to do with the seasoned producer aligning himself with Donald Trump

“When [Kanye] put that Trump hat on, [he’s] just confusing the whole community,” the Atlanta native told ABC Radio.

“You know what we’ve been through and you know what my granddaddy been through, my great granddaddy. My great grandma was a slave. They went through slavery, way down in Mississippi where racism still exists.”

Soulja added, “How can you do us like that? I feel betrayed.”

Continuing from there, the rapper further explained how Kanye’s endorsement of Trump seems to be pointless, considering he is already an established artist and public figure.

“[Kanye] don’t need the money,  [Kanye] don’t need the clout. [He’s] already famous,” Soulja said. “Why are you doing this?” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

The Marriage Boot Camp reality star’s comments follow his previous blasting of Ye during an Instagram live session earlier this week.

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