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Sparkle has stepped back into the limelight to share her testimony with a new single titled “We Are Ready.” 

Following the finale of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly series, in which she was featured, Sparkle took to Instagram to share that she’d released the Jesse Francois-produced track. In the dialed-down ballad, Sparkle declares “W.A.R.” for all women and bears witness to her life’s journey. 

“They have tried to silence from us, strip away the power from us,” she sings at the beginning of the first verse. “Said that we were weak long enough, but time is up/We ain’t weak/ We have a voice and it’s loud/no, we ain’t just figure it out.” 

The song is intended to serve as an anthem of empowerment for all women who have fought and survived abuse, whether it be domestic, physical or sexual, Sparkle’s personal website notes.

Upon its release, “We Are Ready” has received mixed reviews from Sparkle’s fans. While some people commended the singer for being “courageous” in sharing her truth, others feel she’s being opportunistic.

“Genius the way you used that R. Kelly scandal to promote your single,” noted one Instagram user. 

The single arrives nearly 10 years after her heartfelt ballad “So Bad.”  It’s now available on all streaming services.

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